I am a Certified Professional Dog Groomer, Certified Dog Trainer, Reiki Master, but most of all a lover of all my fur covered four-legged friends.

I have been a dog groomer for 10+ years. I have worked in a box store, mobile van and shop grooming businesses before setting up my own salon. I have cultivated my skills by working in different environments and taking the best of each world to create Angel Paws. Over my career I received many awards for “Best” groomer, but my idea of being the best is making you happy and winning your loyalty as a client.

Choosing a groomer is an important decision. Your groomer is the one person, other than you, who will be touching and manipulating your dog over their lifetime. I put your dogs health first. The right groomer can be your best asset when you need to consult someone, other than your vet, for health and behavior issues. I take the time to be sure I am giving your dog the styling that will bring out their personality and keep their coat and skin at its best for optimum health and aesthetic beauty.

I have also worked for several years at a boarding/daycare facility and I am certified for Dog CPR/First Aid by the Red Cross. It is this past experience that brought me to training. I believe that a dog must first be a good dog before they can be our best friend. Training enhances my grooming skills and knowledge when I encounter that ”bad dog”. After reading 8 books about nutrition (all written by Veterinarians) I jumped at the chance to take a course in training. I support the local shelter in my community and believe that as long as a dog has a home, it doesn’t matter where they came from. If a dog has found a loving home, they can fulfill their mission to love us.