Dear Colleen, thank you so much. We are very pleased and will be coming back as soon as Teddy needs to be groomed. I am glad that he was so good—I was nervous because it was his first time and I thought it might terrify him. Right now, he is very relaxed—headed straight for the a/c vents on the floor—his favorite place. I’ll also rec you to anyone I know who has a dog that needs grooming—and you have some of the cutest items for sale that I’ve ever seen! All the best. Vivian

Dear Colleen, I am so very happy with Buddy's haircut . . . you turn grooming into an art form . . . Buddy's haircut is close to perfection !! Thanks again . . .

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I took my Tallulah in yesterday for her Christmas spa day.  She is a tri-colored dog with mostly black on the body.  When I got her home and took her sweater off her, I was amazed how she looked .  She shined like a brand new black mercedes!!!!  And she smelled so good too.  Colleen does an amazing job with the dogs, and she truly seems to enjoy working with them.  I like her, her spa salon, and the way my baby looks when I pick her up.  Thanks, Colleen for another great spa day.

Angel Paws was great!  We have a little dog who can get a little testy when he's getting groomed.  She was great with him and she worked with him instead of making the situation worse she made it better.  She has a true love for the dogs and is excited to get to know them.  As a dog lover you can tell that she's in it cause she loves the pups!

Having switched to Angel Paws from having our labradoodle groomed at Petsmart we couldn't be happier. Our dog comes back looking great and very happy, not too mention the price is in line with Petsmart if not better. I think it's very safe to say that the quality of service that we have had at Angel Paws is vastly superior to any other grooming location. 


My springer spaniel is shaggy, has lumps and bumps from old age, and is a very nervous, fearful dog to boot.  We usually clip him ourself and this was the first time using a drop-off grooming place.  Everything was great!  I received a text message when he was ready to be picked up, no longer shaggy, minty breath, trim nails, and with a little pep in his step.  Our dog is anxious but the owner said he was good to work on, and that's a credit to Angel Paws - he wouldn't have been so good if he was nervous. Good price, I'm very happy with the service, we will be back. 

I believe I emailed you after George's last groom to tell you just how fantastic he looked. Others seem to be noticing it too! A couple of staff people commented how well groomed George was. I thought you might like to know that people are noticing the great quality work you do for George.

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Angel paws is by far the best groomer I have ever used. I now live in Vermont but always have my dog groomed at angel paws when visiting. Very kind and caring. I have yet to find a groomer that even comes close.

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Took my Rocky today and it was a first at Angel Paws. First visit I would say I just found the best groomer for my Rocky!!!!!Colleen did an awesome job and took good care of my baby knowing his got skin irritation. She is excellent!!! Seriously would recommend her to all dog owners


Awesome job with my Tank. Friendly and welcoming. Even sent me texts throughout the morning to let me know how he was behaving!!! A+++ Definitely will bring him back!!!


I bring my keeshond here periodically.  They're great. Before I started coming here, my puppy hated being brushed. After our first visit, I was able to brush her out at home with little resistance.  I can only assume it was due to how well they handled her. The owner is very knowledgeable and gave me tips on caring for a double coat, including the best type of collar for her fur.  My baby is always warmly greeted and comes home looking and smelling fantastic, with a cute little bandana.  I would recommend this place.