Grooming by appointment only Tuesday-Saturday, drop off is between 8am-10am.

The earlier you drop off, the earlier your dog will be ready.

Pick-up time is assigned at drop off between 12-2pm.

It is imperative that you are punctual, for the safety and quality of our services.

Nail Walk-Ins Welcome Tuesday-Saturday, 8am-2pm.

At Angel Paws we have very few rules, we like to let the dogs be dogs.  That is what sets us apart from other groomers.  We let the dogs play while they are here and only crate them when they are drying.

For the safety of the dogs in our care we ask that you observe the following:


  • The Rabies Certificate is required for the first visit and as updated.

  • Please have your pet on a leash or in a carrier.

  • Please "exercise" your dog (have them use the bathroom before entering).

  • Please DO NOT engage with the dogs already in the salon. Eye contact can be seen as a challenge and talking to the dogs incites a "pet store" mentality. Dogs are very social and territorial animals and for the harmony of our environment we ask that you refrain from any contact with someone else's dog, without express permission from the pet owner. The dogs have an easier time remaining calm when they are not vying for the attention of someone they cannot reach. It is for their safety and the safety of the staff we ask that you pay special attention to this rule.

  • Please DO NOT touch the gate. While the dogs are in our care we are responsible, once you touch that gate what happens next is on you. The gates are closed for safety, we will open them when the time is appropriate.

  • We try to maintain 1 dog at a time in the lobby, if you happen to enter and see one of our furry clients please be sure to ask before greeting someone else's dog, we all love dogs but not all dogs are comfortable with the way we show affection.