Angel Paws is a busy dog grooming facility.  We see many dogs and care for all of the pets we groom.  These are many of the questions I am asked about our jobs, but it goes much deeper than just grooming.  Since we see many dogs, we also see many issues both skin and other health issues.  If we spot an issue we will tell you and give you a course of action to take, we are not trained in veterinary medicine and will always err on the side of caution when giving advice. 


Do you groom Cats?

No we don’t.  Too much respect/fear for them to put them through the grooming process.  I am a dog person, I speak dog and understand them

Do you require vaccinations?

Yes, since some of the vaccinations are unreliable, we only require that you are up to date (with proof in writing from your vet) with the Rabies.  Rabies vaccination is state mandated and you should keep your certificate in your car if your dog is social.

What form of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check and charge, we have a $20 minimum for all credit card purchases. Payment is expected at the time of pick up, no payment no pooch.

Do you supply Flea & Tick treatments?

No we do not.  There are too many on the market and too many risks involved.  The wrong treatment can do more harm than good.  Only a vet should prescribe a treatment and that treatment should be used year round.  

Does a grooming affect the flea and tick treatment I use?

Any topical treatment should be applied 48-72 hours after a groom and a groom can be performed 48-72 hours after a treatment.

How often should I get my dog groomed?

Every 4-6 weeks depending upon breed and activity level.  If your dog goes outside frequently and loves the dog park, more frequently.  Double coated breeds should be groomed every 6 weeks minimum.  Dogs with hair or fur can go 4-8 weeks. Dogs can be bathed every 2 weeks, but any more frequently and it can cause harm to their skin. Hair/fur and nails grows 1” per month.  If you want to keep your pets hair long your groomer can help you if you keep to a schedule.

Do you have to shave my matted dog?

Yes.  For an extra charge we can brush out matting, but it is kinder to the dog to shave them. Removing the matts is the course we will always take.  When a mat developes it pulls the skin and will not allow air or blood to the skin.  When a mat is brushed out, the chance for skin irritation and discomfort increase and the skin can tear.  Skin is compromised when it is deprived of blood and oxygen and it can cause the skin to die.  Shaving the mat can cause tenderness, but it offers a view at the skin that can prevent further matting and discomfort.  Bathing after shaving helps massage the skin back to health and improves circulation and healing.

Do you groom Older dogs?

Yes, we groom all dogs.  We do have a waiver for you to sign for dogs over 8 or 12 (depending upon the breed).  But we also take into consideration what the dog can withstand.  We will not push a senior dog to look like a show dog, we do the best we can within the bounds of sanitation and compassion.

My dog hates being groomed, will you groom him/her?

Yes, we need the time to do our job.  We need to be able to give them time to rest for safety of both dog and groomer.  For this reason, no one is allowed to “help” or stay.

My dog is nervous about getting his nails clipped, can I hold him while it gets done?

NO.  Nails don’t take that long to trim and its not a big deal.  We do it everyday, many times a day. If you are there the dog will be distracted and it could cause harm to your pet or the groomer.  Many groomers will allow this, not at Angel Paws. We use a combination of reiki and acupressure points to calm dogs and make it as fast and comfortable as possible. We are professional, calm and confident in our approach to each dog.

My dog is dog aggressive, will you groom him/her?

Yes, we must know in advance and be able to plan for our day. Arrival and departure times will be adjusted for aggressive dogs and your punctuality is key.  Late fees will be assessed for inconveniencing our day if you are not on time, so be sure to communicate with us any changes that come up for you on that day. If your dog is aggressive we will do our best, out goal is to do what is kind and best by your dog. We will discuss with you, while meeting the dog, what we believe we may or may not accomplish and allow you to decide to wether your choose to commit to the appointment.

My dog has allergies/sensitive skin, can you give him a bath?

We use organic salon quality shampoos.  We do not use oatmeal, that is a common shampoo ingredient that causes heavy itching for dogs with wheat allergies.  We have hypoallergenic and medicated shampoos that will ease the skin issues for most dogs, but diet and environment are also factors.  We can assist you in making your dog more comfortable in the grooming process and in your home.

Do you do the Anal Glands?

Yes we do, when it is necessary.  Dogs have these glands for a purpose, purging the glands manually too often will cause the muscle to atrophy and can make your home and car an unpleasant place.

Do you brush their teeth?

Yes we do, but having them brushed once during grooming is no substitute for a regular dental check up or daily brushing at home.  Making teeth brushing a daily occurrence at home will create longevity for your pet.

What do you do for puppies?

Not much.  Grooming MUST BE TRAINED.  Just like anything else.  A dogs attention span is short when they are young.  We will trim feet, nails, sanitary area and face, bath, dry & brush out and clean the ears.  Puppies must come every 3-4 weeks for the first year and then you can relax into a schedule more comfortable for your lifestyle (6-8 weeks once they are trained).

Should I just groom my dog myself?

Yes, if you mean, brush hair and teeth and cleaning the ears weekly.  No, if you mean going to the pet store and buying the substandard clippers they sell and trying to save a buck.  It will not save you any money.  The clippers (substandard) are $200, how much is your time worth?  How much do you value your relationship with your dog?  Many people try and are back in 6 months with a matted, angry dog you just taught how to fight every gentle hold we have spent years doing.  Many people often end up cutting their dog and spending hundreds in vet bills. I have seen it all.  Dogs don’t sit still and if you are nervous, that makes them worse.  Tools and moving dogs require skill, if you try and you are wrong you will have a long time to wait before your dog will trust you again. Grooming is a profession because it takes education and care. We have spent years honing are skills and constantly updating our techniques and continuing education.